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Because all the people should know. . .

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see the great resemblance in most life. Cold blooded, warm blooded, fungal, bacterial, planetary, and galactic. Each category has it's similarities, and all have comparables to one another. Most of the acceptable life forms have easily recognisable systems of organs. 

Lets go directly to solar systems, a sun or heart of its system. Planets and moons that compliment each other. Now lets take earth, can you not see the rivers and streams as a vast, mostly open circulatory system? The atmosphere, could it be a respiratory system? The oceans, could it be an open gastric system, consuming the dust that acretes into it? Volcanoes, presure releasing and cooling. . . The trees, look so much like a nervous system. . .  the flora and fauna a bacterialogical regularory and viral systems? I do, do you? Is the sun our God, "Our Father", ever present, life giving, omnipotent, all seeing all knowing? No more parables please???

For centuries we have been lead to believe our star is just a flashlight, to help us see, yet do we? The Earth is not just a dead rock for us to live on. I think there are a lot of answers in front of our noses, and we are slow at concluding on the obvious. Even the principal prayer of "Our Father" points to our sun. The Eucharistic recepticles are designed after the sun, so how about a little straight forward talk here. Parables are famouse for substituting the truth in a more "palatable" way, well don't dilute or dress up my truth please. Tell us oh great Pope, what's in your scope??? What about Angelo Secchi's work, are you going to ignore your own out of convenience to power? Stop hiding behind the walls of secrecy. Enough!

We are discovering things can move within beams of light. Our star can do the unbelievable. There are no ships that will carry us past our Moon or Mars. Gravity and presure restrict our presence. All galactic travel is hosted by our star.  We have the capabilities, just not the knowhow. It can also see all. There are no chosen people, and the white race resembles the white cells, it can be viraly cancerous. Entire civilizations up and disappear without a trace, the signs are there only you cant measure them always. 

This bit about being fruitfull and multiplying is a crock, humanity is at viral cancer levels. Organized religions just want more followers, with little or no concern on how it affects our planet. 

In a nutshell and with no supperflous explanations tell us all what you know, tell us what Jesus told his apostles no more parables . You blew it with Galileo, science and religion should flow as one. Simple truth would do! 

And in reguards to the lost gospel of Thomas "Split a piece of wood, and I am there. Lift a stone and you will find me" is more than mear words. Open your studies, share what you "really suspect". Blatant over latent please?

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