Pope Francisco to accept Jerusalem as capital of Israel.

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Pope Francisco to accept Jerusalem as capital of Israel.

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Petition to Pope Francisco to accept Jerusalem as Capital of Israel.

It is an immense shame that with a Torah, and the RC Bible full of proofs, that the Pope made this very painful mistake. For Jews, again the Roman Catholic Church is a source of sadness and anger, and even fear for some. This cannot be tolerated.

Hence we call you to take action, that he will accept officially the city Jerusalem as Capital of Israel.For not believers, or people who are interested, I give the very simple explanation that Jerusalem always has been the Capital of Israel, and the Jewish state. You can check your history books.

Or some people who hate Israel, and thus our Jews, they find all kinds of lies, to establish their hate, and want it to be divided.

Hence Roman Catholic Security Agency Mother of the Mount Carmel at:


Decided to start this petition.

 Especially recommended book that explains this.



 The original bestseller from the Netherlands and Belgium.


They sound something like:
“Palestinian terror is a logical result of the occupation,” “Israel was established because of Western guilt over the Holocaust,” or, “The settlements make peace impossible.”

If you’ve felt that these accusations were misplaced but couldn’t articulate the reason why, then this book is for you. This book gives you the answers. It blows away the haze of Palestinian propaganda with real, verifiable facts.

The chapters are sorted alphabetically by topic so that the book can be used as a reference guide.

The rebuttal of every tale is supported with facts, quotes, and illustrations.

Or at:

Check: https://motherofthemountcarmel.wordpress.com/2018/02/19/849/


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