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Make This Pacifist Superhero The Next Pope

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 Until 1996, being selected by the conclave wasn't the only way to become the Pope, there was also the process called "acclamation", where many people asked for a certain person to be elected Pope and then the Vatican would recognize their desire and consider this possibility. Currently, acclamation is not consider valid anymore, but with your help, we can make this happen again!

Here's a link further explaining acclamation:
Click here for a further explanation on acclamation.

But who is this "superhero" you are talking about?
  It's me! My name is Ultranuki and I simply want to help, not only the church, but humanity as a whole and being the Pope would surely be one of the most honorable ways of doing so, and a dreamy opportunity, and with your help, that would cease to be a dream and become reality! I attended catechism classes, received my First Communion and received the Sacrament of Confirmation, but unfortunately, considering I got into med school, I don't have time or money to attend a seminary.

This sounds very impossible, are you serious?
  I know that becoming Pope by acclamation is very unlikely to happen, but it already happened 7 times in the past! The last one was when Pope Innocent XI was elected in 1676.
And it was 1676! We are in the 21th century, now we have the internet that allows us to hear from the whole world, which makes it infinitely easier for people to express their opinions on who they want to become people, making acclamation a lot more plausible.

How many signatures do you think you will need?

There are approximately 1.285 billion members of the Catholic Church, so my goal is currently 300 million signatures.

So why should we choose you as the Pope?
  It's a bit embarrassing to talk about myself, my qualities, defects and goals for the future, so I'm just going to be brief and clear: I think that literally everyone, no matter what, should be able to live in harmony with others, but today we see so many fights and people suffering everywhere because of conflicting beliefs, and I want it to change, I want to protect the church's traditions and everyone else's, I want the world to be full of acceptance and diversity. I already do what I can for this change to happen, but being the Pope would put me in a situation where I could represent and guide the people of Christ in a infinitely more efficient way, towards peace and harmony in the entire world.

 Thank you for reading! And I hope I can count on you! In the meanwhile, I will make sure to keep studying, growing as a person and doing my best to help the world.

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