Calling the Vatican to appoint true shepherd's of Christ

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Is it just me or do you feel there are very few Cardinals and Bishops leading the flock to heaven? Didn't out lord tell us very few get to paradise? Didn't the seers of Fatima/St John Vianny/ St Catherine of Siena all say when they saw hell, so many people were falling in, they were like snowflakes. 

I could probably count the few cardinals and bishops who are teaching true teaching on my hand (there are some amazing ones I know that), however there are so many that are leading people down the wrong path and I'm calling for change.. I don't want to put up with it any longer.



For instance

A certain UK based cardinal, who didn't bother attending March for Life or Rosary on the Coast (the biggest catholic event England has had in recent years). But this Cardinal insists on hosting LGBT masses at Farm Street, london. Where many homosexual couples are going to communion, where transsexuals are supported in their lifestyle - surely God doesn't make mistakes with gender? This cardinal also recently shown support for the hospital who starved Alfie Evens to death, isn't that Euthanisia?

I was also shocked to see a certain Cardinal in NYC who I read about in recent years, letting LGBT groups in the St Patricks parade, but will not allow pro-life groups?Now this cardinals are attending blasphemous celebrity (very anti-catholic culture) events, giving tips on how to dress like clergy and the virgin Mary, isn't that mocking the church like it's not important/a joke.? Didn't Pope Pius XII condemn many fashions for being immodest or is his teachings out the window.


I am also wondering why Pope Francis has appointed a certain LGBT priest as their communications officer. He promotes homosexuality/ transgender lifestyles, isn't that completely against God's rules? 

Does it worry you that these cardinals could one day become Pope? Do you feel like they are going to help you get to heaven? I don't 


Please sign this petition for the Vatican to go back to it's catholic roots and appoint true shepherds to show us how to get to heaven, I understand the path is narrow, but they are not teaching this.

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