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Petitioning Vatican/American Bishops order nuns to dump poor & do more gay-bashing!!!

Stop harrassing nuns and support their work with poor....

Recently the Vatican & the American Bishops have ordered their nuns ( LCWR - look them up) to STOP focusing on serving the poor & put more focus on opposing gay marriage & stopping abortion. They even went so far as to assign the Archbishop of Seattle to be the 'man' to force this re-focus on the good sisters!!!

Talk about hubris from 'moral-midgets'.... these are the same 'boys' who colluded to cover up the sins of obviously sick priests, instead of removing them & offering them needed therapy..

I am a RC type myself & instead of leaving the church, have chosen to try to 'change it from within'... time will tell if this was a foolish decision ... I ask all folks ( RC or not) to join me righting this blatant power play against these religious women... with enough voices we can have a 3 for 1... help the poor who these brave nuns serve... encourage these nuns to stay focused on their good works & maybe, just maybe cause these 'old, white, out of touch men' to wake up to what this church should really be about... attending to the call of Jesus to help those less fortunate... thx for your support......

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  • Vatican/American Bishops order nuns to dump poor & do more gay-bashing!!!

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