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Vassar College Hires "Sharpshooters" to kill local deer. Please use alternative to "cull"

In January of this year (2010), Vassar College hired a company to kill the local deer so they can control the population, rather than using other methods.  I am a resident of Poughkeepsie, and since the "cull" I have not seen 1 deer.  Until last night.  The picture I attached is the 3 beatiful deer that were able to escape being killed.  Please follow the link to my blog,  where you can read the whole story, and please sign the petition here on CHANGE.ORG and the one on my blog that gets sent from "In Defense of Animals".  Thank you so very much!


Letter to
Director of Media Relations, Vassar College Jeff Kosmacher
President, Vassar College President Catharine B. Hill
The use of fertility control for free-roaming deer has been documented for at least the past two decades through the use of safe and effective immunocontraception. Unfortunately, deer contraception is underutilized in favor of ineffective and inhumane killing. Sadly, Vassar has chosen to perpetuate the status quo rather than explore emerging methods that are more effective.

As an academic institution, Vassar is in a perfect position to utilize its faculty and student resources to implement a program of deer contraception. The money used to hire sharpshooters should instead by applied towards a non-lethal program of deer population control.
Vassar needs a deer management program, not a deer extermination program.

Please put a stop to the cruel killing and opt instead to explore ways to treat wildlife with compassion and respect.

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