Rezone for more Green Space Around Daybreak's Oquirrh Lake

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Developers of Daybreak have received approval from the City of South Jordan to build 32 homes on just over five acres adjacent to Oquirrh Lake at 10800 S. Lake Avenue (4800 West) South Jordan, Utah.  Not only will this impact the serenity of the walks around the lake, but it will also inevitably increase traffic on a very narrow road while bringing into question the developer's commitment to the original vision for the Daybreak community. 

This not only concerns the residents near this proposed development, but also those who enjoy strolling around the lake, those who drive on Lake Avenue, and those with kids who cross the street to get to the lake. It is also raises questions for Daybreak Community homeowners who believe that the green spaces near their homes may no longer be safe from development.

We have filed an appeal with the city of South Jordan, which will be reviewed by the City Council on June 28th at 9:00 AM. Our hope is that we will be able to find a solution that will satisfy the developers as well as Daybreak residents. We hope if the area cannot be developed as public green space, then perhaps, the developers would agree to build less houses to keep the space open and safe in regards to traffic. 

If you are concerned about shrinking green space around Daybreak's Oquirrh Lake and believe this area would be safer and more usable for all Daybreak residents if used to create paths, parks, and additional green space, please sign our petition and make your voices heard by the developers of Daybreak. Don't let unchecked development encroach on green space, create safety concerns, or detract from the Daybreak lifestyle!

In addition to signing this petition, feel free to contact the Daybreak Homeowners Association.

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