Stop the cruise ships, Lelepa is not a theme park!!!

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Lelepa is being sold off to the big cruise ship owners as a PRIVATE PLAYGROUND for its cruisers only!!!

Turning this pristine island home of its humble villagers into a theme park along the lines of mad max and Indian Jones.

Did the locals  get a say in what happens here? -NO!!

The decision was taken away from local chiefs and made by the government! 

Will the locals benefit from this? -NO

As Royal Caribbean has stated this is a private playground for cruisers only.... keeping the money contained to the park and the locals out! 

Cruise ships docking every day will affect the pristine marine life,Don't be deceived they will say they are taking measures to reduce their Impact, but we all know the effects of thousands of people.... just look at the after marth of a football game or rock concert, people pollute!!!

Oil pollution from the shipping industry is considered to be the main reason for the increased level of marine pollution. Cruise ships, huge in size compared to other vessels, end up burning more heavy fuel oil, one of the dirtiest fossil fuels available in the market. This oil contains dangerous levels of sulfur and heavy metals etc.Think of the toxic fumes billowing from the smoke stacks, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide...acid rain!!!!

How will the toxins and polution produced by these thousands of visitors, and these dirty great big vessels docking every day effect the marine life? and the main source of food that comes from the ocean for these humble villagers? It will be catostrophic! 

The Vanuatu government only see dollar signs selling off vanuatu to the chinese has proven this!! at the expense of local dollars being sent off shore!

Keep lelepa pristine!

Develop lelepa for local economic growth!

NOT line the pockets of the big cruise ship owners!!


Don't sell off vanuatu to line the pockets of Royal Caribbean business men!!

Please Vote help us preserve lelepa for future generations and preserve the beauty of this beautiful island, show lelepa we care!

We need the Vanuatu government to hear the people and reverse the decision they have made to lease for 75 years to royal Caribbean, it will destroy lelepa and the beauty that surrounds!