Get Vanilla Ice to try jousting

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You know you want to see this. Our favorite early 90's rapper and star of The Vanilla Ice Project, Robert Matthew Van Winkle, has done a shocking lack of horseback combat. There are many renaissance fairs across the US, and many of them have jousting. Jousting is probably the most exciting things at these fairs and we can all agree that seeing the most exciting rapper do this would be amazing. To make sure that we can all see this it should be livestreamed online, or on live Television. Vanilla Ice should not be harmed, we want a fun joust, and for Robert Matthew Van Winkle to have fun doing it. We would like to ask Vanilla Ice to please consider this request. 

In summation this is what we would like to happen:

  • Vanilla Ice, to joust 
  • The joust to be live, whether this be online, or on live television
  • Vanilla Ice does not have to win, but it would be cool if he did
  • Vanilla Ice to remain safe, and not be harmed in the joust
  • OPTIONAL: Rapping before or after joust

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