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Free An Innocent Man!

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We are drafting this petition to help free an innocent man. Clarence Taylor III lovingly nicknamed Pop-a-Son has been wrongfully incarcerated for 18 years. We'd also like to expose and bring awareness to the corruption in the Missouri Criminal Judicial System. We insist the lead district attorney Kimberly Gardner thoroughly re-evaluate Clarence's fictitious case and become familiar with the name of Clarence Taylor.
 Formerly a supervisor and sargent, with responsibilities of but not limited to reviewing, correcting and submitting high-level, and confidential documents to executives.
 Robert T. Jordan Jr of the St. Louis City police department committed perjury, planted illegitimate evidence and coerced witness(es) to evade a permissible investigation and capture of the rightful and true assailant(s). Rather than exercising proper diligence and upholding the oath and promise to protect and serve Jordan and his fellow constituents negligently relied on distasteful hearsay and indefensible jealousy of rival gang members to obtain a false guilty. Without surprise Jordan remains a very prominent member of the force and has even been promoted. Currently serving as a Human Relations Specialist. Unfortunately, taxpayers and unbeknown citizens alike are relentlessly being BAMBOOZLED into believing the police and state prosecutors are just in their findings and unbiased. Nevertheless, with the ever continuous, wrongful and unconstitutional imprisonment of so many this undoubtedly can be disputed. Jordan and sadly so many of his colleagues are clearly an example of a broken, dishonest judicial system. This must change.

  • The St. Louis police department Detective Robert Jordan has lied, planted evidence and corhearsed witness to avoid capturing to Correct criminal, instead of doing their job to protect and serve they have relied on hearsay and jealousy of reival gang to investigate the conclusions for them. Taxpayers are being BAMBOOZLED into believing the police are right. No they are LAZY and are willing to LOCK anyone up regardless of the requirements of the LAW!

   Motion for a New Trail on the grounds of:

1. Trail Courts erred in denying the business/public records of MCI Communications along with a sworn testimony in defense of an alibi verifiable by a trace and seal of Moble Correctional Facility inmate Spann recoreded call on the date, time, and location in question of the murder.

2. Trail Courts erred in allowing an all white jury in which the Foreperson #194 and juror #419 were married which voliates the Fourteenth Amendment.

The Trail Courts are clearly  in violation CLARENCE TAYLOR III rights to a fair trail. Therefore we are asking that you sign this petioton and we request you share it 7 times with your friends and family.

Thank in ADVANCE.

Your help is GREATLY appreciated!!!

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