A crisis accommodation, emergency housing shelter servicing the Jewish Community

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There is an increasing need for a predominantly, but not exclusively, Jewish Crisis Accommodation shelter in the East St Kilda/Caulfield area that will be an immediate service scaffold between what "Jewish Care" can facilitate  and what the pragmatic and visceral needs of the community are. Currently, transitional housing is all that is available via "Jewish Care" with no crisis accommodation facility being in operation for members of the jewish community. Given the marked increase in homelessness in Melbourne, which includes many Jewish men, women and families, it is imperative that an emergency shelter is established as soon as possible. Ideally this crisis accommodation center will not exclude people requiring its services regardless of whether or not they have pet animals or are drug and alcohol effected, within the boundaries of it being safe for other users of the facility.

Many more people are finding themselves unable to afford rising housing costs or else unable to maintain appropriate shelter for themselves and their families due to the personal dysfunction of mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction or familial domestic violence. In particular, vulnerable members of the Jewish community who are in these situations, often find themselves unable to navigate the requirements of  general emergency accommodation shelters or feel uncomfortable with using services outside of the community. Circumstances can change suddenly in the lives of all people and it is imperative that the Jewish community provides and cares for its denizens, regardless of their personal circumstances. Currently we are failing to accommodate those of us who are currently transient and/or homeless and in need of safe and secure emergency housing. This petition has been created to present to David Southwick (MP for Caulfield), Cr Tony Athanasopoulos (Mayor of Glen Eira) and Cr Daniel Nguyen (Mayor of Yarra). By identifying a pressing community need and assembling enough signatures and support, we should be able to begin the process of getting a viable and functioning emergency accommodation shelter up before the end of the year. I am a qualified forensic counsellor with many years of experience servicing the needs of the disenfranchised and vulnerable. I currently work with the homeless community providing free food and a referral service for those who need help and advice. I am witnessing an increasing need within our community, and the community in general, for more crisis accommodation shelters. If this petition is successful we will all have helped address an acute need within our community and began the process of providing for those of us who are most vulnerable and most in need of feeling valued.