Improve traffic safety for Henley students

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On March 1, 2018, my daughter, a 12 year student at Henley Middle school, was struck by a vehicle traveling down the center road of two way traffic between Brownsville Elementary and Henley Middle Schools. The vehicle that struck her was being driven by a 17 year old high school student on the incoming center lane.

At approximately 4:10pm, after school dismissed, my daughter was waiting to cross the road from the Henley side of the sidewalk. The outgoing traffic was very congested and moving slowly. An adult, male driver, in an SUV, in the outgoing traffic direction, stopped and signaled my daughter to go ahead and cross. As she ran to get to the sidewalk on the Brownsville side, where I was waiting to pick her up, she was hit!

The issue and a major concern is that this section of road where the students are asked to cross is not marked or identified as a pedestrian crossing. Specifically, the road, unlike all other cross sections at both Henley and Brownsville, is not identified as an official pedestrian/student crossing with white paint on the road itself. Moreover, there was not nor has there been any official school crossing guard/ personnel at that spot until after my daughter was hit by a car.

According to Albemarle County School Director of Transportation, Jim Foley, the road belongs to the state and the school administration has no control over when VDOT will take action. The principal of Henley, Dr. Beth Costa, stated that a school personnel has been now been placed at the crossing. The community does not have any details on the time, day and type of personnel that is currently assigned. Nor am I aware if this is a temporary or permanent school personnel crossing assignment.

During the last week, I have researched old formal aerial photos of this road which clearly indicate the road being marked and labelled as a pedestrian crossing with white paint, as are all the other Henley/Brownsville school crossings. This leads me to believe that it was a designated pedestrian crossing at some previous point in time and still should be.

The purpose of this letter is to demand the school, county and/or state take the following measures:

⁃ Have this section of road clearly identified as a school crossing with white paint on the traffic part of the road. This should be done, immediately, as this is what it is being used as.
- Install speed limit signs on school property so all drivers know the correct speed
⁃ Have an official school crossing personnel permanently assigned from the time school is let out until the school traffic has dispersed.
- Have multiple staff outside monitoring the students through the parking lots and traffic.
- Study, evaluate and issue a formal report to the community of the current vehicle traffic pattern at this school location, as I believe it would be best for the students NOT to have to cross this road. Again the traffic congestion is very heavy and raises a serious safety concern.
- Avoid future injuries and accidents of this type for all of our students, staff, drivers and other pedestrians.

-Have the school, county and/or state held financially responsible for all of my daughter's medical expenses due to their negligence in traffic/student safety.

This requires immediate attention and so I respectfully ask that you sign this petition.

Thank you for making this a community concern!

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