Demand JUSTICE FOR ELI (The son of Kelly Jo Marshall). Case against molestor was dismissed

Demand JUSTICE FOR ELI (The son of Kelly Jo Marshall). Case against molestor was dismissed

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Kelly Marshall started this petition to vanderburgh county couthouse and

I recently have seen the news and several posts going around regarding this matter, and I am in total disbelief with the outcome of the situation, as are many others. This man Gregory Johnston from Evansville Indiana was arrested and charged with 6 felony counts on child molestation. He was given a bond which was posted on the same day. How is the system here to serve and protect yet you failed this innocent child? How can a person like this be released, this is someone who can potentially harm other children. 

Not only does he post bond but NOW you're TELLING US HIS CASE IS BEING DISMISSED????????????? What is wrong with our justice system, how is this right in any way? This child’s life has now been changed in unimaginable ways. He has suffered physical, emotional, and mental damages that he will have to live with forever. His INNOCENCE WAS ROBBED from him, all while his mother took him to what she thought was a trusted place - A DAYCARE- who cared for her children since they were 6 weeks old. This is UNACCEPTABLE AND SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE. WE WANT JUSTICE FOR ELI the child of Kelly Jo Marshall. 

The motion to dismiss the charges against Greg. Johnston was filed on October 18th by a Vanderburgh County prosecutor with the intention to file again in the future. However, we stand behind Kelly 100% and WE NEED ACTION NOW NOT THE FUTURE.


According to news articles, the decision to dismiss the case was based on the following information  (source: 


In a motion to dismiss, deputy prosecutor Emily Hall writes that the "state has been informed that the victim is unavailable to testify and does not know when the victim will be available to testify."
In a statement to media, Prosecutor spokeswoman Jess Powers said the decision to delay prosecution was made "upon recommendation of the therapists and community partners involved in this case."
"The State of Indiana was forced to dismiss the case without prejudice in hopes of re-filing charges in the future," the statement read. "The ultimate goal of our office is to hold any criminal wrong-doer to justice, however, the health and well-being of our victim is of the utmost importance and must take priority."

HOW DARE YOU CLAIM THE HEALTH AND WELL-BEING OF THE VICTIM IS YOUR PRIORITY when we can clearly see you have failed this child. What example are you setting? What message are you giving these child molesters? If the well-being and health of this child is the PRIORITY than WHY IS THIS MAN FREE. How do you think this child feels Knowing that this man who Harmed him and caused so much damage is still walking the streets. How do you not see that this decision has the power to cause more damage to the victim emotionally and mentally? Can you imagine all the questioning and trauma this child was put through only to dismiss the case?  how is that caring about his well being? He is scarred for life and the least that can be done is Reopen this case, convict Gregory, and put him away. The damages caused by Greg. Johnston is irreversible, Eli and his family deserve that peace of mind. Let JUSTICE be SERVED!!!!! 

As per his Attorney:

Grampp said he's pleased with the decision and knows it isn't one prosecutor's office came to lightly.
"I'm very happy for the resolution," he said. "I'm happy for my client and his family. It is good we don't have to go through that trial, although I'm confident we would have won. He has his life and future and all his family and friends ahead of him.                                          (Source:

What kind of human being with any common sense feel happy in such a delicate situation. It is sickening, how do they sleep at night. Some people clearly lack compassion and empathy.

As per Eli's mothers' words:

"I'm going to fight this to the death of me," she said in the video. "I mean that with every breath of my body. She is seen on Live expressing her disapproval of this motion, this video that is now gone Viral is filled with so much emotion that you can feel her pain. 

 She is Screaming for our help, and as a community, we must come together in order for a change to happen. 

Dismissal without prejudice means it can be reopened  Therefore by the power invested in this petition WE (every signature in this petition) REQUEST FOR THIS CASE TO BE REOPENED AND REEXAMINED, GREGORY JOHNSTON MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE DAMAGES CAUSED. 

THIS IS ABSURD, Please sign the petition and let's help this family fight until Something is done.  

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