Strip "ethnic separatist" Virginia Abernethy of her title at Vanderbilt University

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Virginia Abernethy is hateful and ignorant. Her academic work is mere apologetics for "ethnic separatist" (racist) aims. However, she masquerades behind a cloak of legitimacy provided to her by Vanderbilt University. Vanderbilt University should have stripped her of the Professor Emeritus title long ago, for she deserves no honor or respect whatsoever. Apparently, integrity must be compelled instead. While a university's utmost concern for the freedom of academic expression is certainly understandable, Virginia Abernethy's ideas, utterly devoid of intellectual and academic rigor, are nothing but a disgrace to academia. 

A crude summary of Virginia Abernethy's views:


Missions to alleviate hunger and spur economic development in developing countries are unproductive, only allowing for larger families, as "evidenced" by fertility rates. These programs and the general development and population growth of developing countries cause European-Americans to unjustly suffer economically and culturally. Therefore, European-Americans should prohibit all immigration from developing countries (non-white countries), end aid to those countries, and start having more babies so that they are not overrun by immigrant hordes.


Essentially, Virginia Abernethy is an old-school nativist who believes that the excellence of European-Americans is being diluted by color. She applies an old, tired, hateful, and ignorant ideology to modern economics and geopolitics. 

Evidence of Abernethy's obnoxiously inhuman and unacademic bias is clear and widespread. From running for Vice President on the ticket of the American Third Position, an abhorrent white nationalist party, to frequently speaking at the Council of Conservative Citizens, a hate group that Abernethy formerly served as an editorial advisor and which has referred to blacks as "a retrograde species of humanity," Virginia Abernethy persistently disgraces the values of Vanderbilt University. 

By signing this petition, students, faculty, staff, and friends of Vanderbilt University compel the administration to immediately revoke Virginia Abernethy's undeserved title and condemn her hate.  

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