Add Aryeh's Kitchen to the Vanderbilt Meal Plan

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Aryeh's Kitchen is a food truck run by Chabad at Vanderbilt, a local Jewish organization that aims to make Jewish life accessible to all students who want to engage. They host students every Friday night during the year, regardless of denomination, for a wonderful home cooked meal and company. 

As part of this spirit, they brought the food to students during the week by running a food truck with some of the best food on campus. This is the ideal place to find good, kosher food, especially given that the only other kosher restaurant (which is on the meal plan) doesn't even serve kosher meat, or anything that isn't already conveniently kosher.

Here, you can look a Rabbi in the eyes and chat about your day as he makes you your favorite brisket sandwich or matzoh ball soup, just like your grandmother made (and if your grandma never made that, you'll wish she did).

Over 15% of Vanderbilt students are Jewish, but regardless of your faith, by allowing Vanderbilt students to use their meal swipes on quality food from Aryeh's kitchen, we will be able to further support an organization and a family that does so much for campus life, so help us make Vanderbilt and more inclusive, diverse, and food-loving campus.