Greater Transparency in Vanderbilt's Tuition and Fees

Greater Transparency in Vanderbilt's Tuition and Fees

November 7, 2020
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Why this petition matters

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Have you ever wondered why the meal plan fee is $5,751 a year, why Vanderbilt’s housing fee is $11,540 a year, or why the tuition and fees at Belmont ($49,920) are almost $30,000 less than Vanderbilt’s tuition and fees?

By signing this petition, you are supporting transparency of Vanderbilt’s administration. There is no reason why Vanderbilt should not share more details and information on how our tuition and fees are spent assuming that Vanderbilt has nothing to hide.

We hope that Vanderbilt will release information regarding:

  • Housing
    - The breakdown on how much it costs to operate the average dormitory at Vanderbilt
    - The average percentage of the housing fees that go towards the construction of new dormitories
  • Dining
    - The average amount of money that is spent on the average dining hall meal ingredients with a meal swipe
    - The average cost of serving a meal (preparation expenses)
    - The operating cost of operating a dining hall facility (energy, equipment repair, etc.)
    - The profit margin from a dining hall meal swipe
    - The profit margin from a Munchie Mart meal swipe
    - The break down of expenses and profits for all dining halls, Munchie Marts, and cafes
    - Information on what the profit from the dining hall and Munchie Mart go towards
    - Information on why freshman have to purchase the 21 Plan rather than a smaller plan that better fits students’ needs
  • Tuition
    - The percentage and justification of how the $52,780 annual tuition is spent on:
    • Professors
    • TAs
    • Staff
    • Research
    • Campus maintenance
    • Administrative fees
    • Events
  • Total fees and tuition
    - An explanation for why Vanderbilt’s tuition and fees ($78,474) are $28,554 more expensive than Belmont’s tuition and fees ($49,920)
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Signatures: 11Next Goal: 25
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