Get Vandegrift a Recycling Program!!

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Vandegrift High School has been open for 11 years, and it has had a full recycling program for zero of those years. Despite the fact that we have small recycling bins in each classroom, all of it gets thrown in the trash because we don't have a larger recycling program at our school. We only have trash dumpsters. This is an environmental disaster, and something must be done. According to a study done by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, a school of our size produces an estimated 980 pounds of waste per week and 5,880 pounds per grading period. According to that same study, "a school could conceivably recycle or compost in excess of 78% of the material it discards."

The climate is quickly changing worldwide and it is our generation that will suffer. Therefore, I believe that helping the environment is every bit as important as our education because we need a healthy world in which we can actually use the education we are receiving. The school needs to understand that reducing our environmental impact is as essential to our students' futures as their educations are.

Vandegrift, we must do something to reduce our impact on the environment, and recycling is the perfect place to start. If we can afford an electric marquee, two golf carts, and a jumbotron, we can afford to recycle. Show your school board that recycling is a priority for you by signing this petition and get Vandy Recycling NOW!

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