Change the Vancouver Board of Parks Permit Policy to Improve Organized Adult Sports

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As the current Vancouver Park Board permit policy stands, current permit holders get "first right of refusal" when the permit lapses. Simply put, the organization that holds the permit will always own the right to that permit unless they choose not to. The problem with this model is that other groups do not have the opportunity to book field time and therefore current adult sport leagues continue to run very mediocre leagues. With no competition, there is no impetus for organizations to implement policies that will allow for fair, safe sporting leagues. Our hope is that the city will consider the following options:

1) Limiting the number of field hours that one single organization can hold per week.

2) Placing a time limit on how long one organization holds a permit (e.g. 2 years), and then putting the permit to bidding process, with consideration of new organizations.

3) Mandating that organizations who hold permits must have referees or equivalent strategies that hold the organization accountable for player safety.