Protect our Quiet Natural Wild Spaces at Vanier Park + Kits Beach From BYOB Gardens.

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On July 27, 2020, the "Alcohol in our Parks Pilot Program" was approved by the Vancouver Park Board Commissioners. (The Vanier Park designated area map is on Pg 11 of Appendix A of the Report. The Kits Beach Old Grove is on pg 4.) The good news is that the program is delayed until next year as the BC Gov doesn't have room on their agenda to change the Liquor Control Act until the summer of 2021. The bad news is that they approved 22 parks, including the quiet more secluded old grove of trees at Kits Beach and the Vanier Park Duck Pond. The staff in fact expanded the BYOB Garden at Vanier to include and SURROUND THE 2 DUCK PONDS, in spite of them being home to teeming wildlife including beavers, ducks, geese and many birds who roam that area. This is their territory and habitat. Putting a legal drinking zone here would be a travesty and goes against everything the Park Board stands for. They should be protecting our natural quiet wild areas, not destroying them! Why does drinking in our parks takes precedence over protecting our green space, quiet spaces and wildlife? We're asking the Park Board to reconsider the Vanier Park location as well as the quiet old grove of trees at Kits Beach, where people go to escape the craziness of the crowded main beach. If they insist with going ahead with this misguided program they should instead put the Kits BYOB Garden on the popular green space, beside Cornwall, southeast of the pool, where people already congregate to socialize and drink. This space is also near the concession stand, washroom, Boathouse and the restaurants on Yew St., for takeout. Why pick the quietest most natural spots instead? As someone commented on a Keep Kits Beach Wild Facebook post "It's like they picked the introverts places rather than the extroverts spots". There's still time to change the location prior to next May 2021 when the "Alcohol in our Parks Pilot Program" is likely to begin. KEEP KITS BEACH WILD