Ban the use of Plastic bags and rings in Canada

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The use of plastic bags and 6 pack rings in society today is detrimental to our climate. The unreusable plastic is polluting our oceans when people do not properly dispose of them. Many species rely on a clean and unpolluted ocean to thrive and hunt for food. Specifically, the Leatherback Sea Turtle off of the coast of British Columbia mistakes these plastics for jellyfish, and they consistently are being killed by these plastics. This is not the way to protect the few remaining Leatherback sea turtles in B.C. and there is a way that you can help them.

There is a company in Indonesia called Biowear who makes water soluble plastic bags. This is a huge step to eliminating the use of plastics in our society. They make the bags out of cassava starch which is 100% biodegradable and will break down and will be  absorbed by landfills. The company also makes food containers, which are FDA approved, and paper straws. These products are the next step into cleaning up our oceans and reducing the amount of endangered species that live in B.C. and around the world in different places.

If you sign this petition, we are one step closer to eliminating the use of plastics. We hope that we can gain the attention of the government in Vancouver, the British Columbia provincial government, and possibly the Federal government. These types of innovation are key for the endangered animals, protecting our oceans and saving the planet!