Dogs On Bus, Sea Bus and Skytrain in Vancouver

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My name is Trey. I love my my dog (Zelda) and have owned dogs my entire life. I am on disability, live in Vancouver and I don't own a car. I use BC transit in Metro Vancouver. I would like to see Vancouver become a dog friendly city. I feel that dogs should be allowed on transit as long as they are leashed, licensed and muzzled. I would like to be able to bring my dog with me everywhere I go. Solutions to this problem are as followed: 

1. Dogs must be properly muzzled and on short leashes.
2. Dogs would not be allowed during rush hours.
3. Bus drivers may refuse entry or may ask a dog to leave the bus if he or she feels it wise.

Yes, some people are allergic to dog dander. These people should be careful never to be close to those who live with dogs because our clothes carry dog dander. Because dogs would not be allowed during rush hours, those who are allergic could avoid getting close to the dog or its owner.

Problems that might cause a bus driver to refuse to allow a dog on board the bus: Sometimes buses are crowded during non-rush hours.

Sometimes it is so rainy, a large muddy dog simply is not an appropriate bus passenger. Or sometimes a passenger with a child might ask no dogs be allowed on the bus because the child is deathly afraid of dogs.

These scenarios might occur and can be effectively handled by the driver by refusing a dog to board the bus.

I hope this eases some of the concerns expressed by people considering this possible change to our transit system.

(Fran Thoburn Victoria B.C. - petition to have dogs on the bus in Victoria November 3rd-2014)