Remove Vancouver Home Solutions sexist advertisment

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If the statement "Women belong in the kitchen" pisses you off this petition is for you. Vancouver Home Solutions is a construction company located at 1880 Main St (Main and 2nd Ave intersection). Right outside their shop, there are four (4) advertisement posters. The first poster reads "Glass Railings", with a pertinent picture of stairs with glass railing; the second poster reads "Glass Shower", with a pertinent picture of a shower; the third poster reads "Bathroom", with a pertinent picture of a bathroom; the fourth poster reads "Kitchen", with a picture of a woman. 

To explain why this add is offensive, misogynistic, and inappropriate especially for a city like Vancouver, BC  is unnecessary. Vancouver is proudly one of the most forward-thinking cities in the world, let's keep up to that by asking the lovely owner/s of Vancouver Home Solutions to remove/change the poster.