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Petitioning Mayor and Council - City of Vancouver Gregor Robertson

Oppose the rezoning of 508 Helmcken, adjacent to Emery Barnes Park

This proposed rezoning negatively affects the "New Yaletown" neighbourhood, and moves the City in a new and dangerous direction, by trampling on Vancouver's much-heralded urban design principles, guidelines and regulations

- 508 Helmcken is considered a "small site" [120ft x 125ft] according to City guidelines

- Outright zoning allows only 70 feet tall and FSR3 with a floor plate in the range of 3,000 sq feet

- City policy allows consideration of larger buildings when the application complies with existing City goals, policies and public benefit strategies.  No such list has ever been produced. THERE ARE NO CITY POLICIES THAT ALLOW A STRUCTURE THIS LARGE TO BE BUILT ON A SMALL SITE

- Brenhill is simply asking for a huge structure [320 feet tall, FSR17+ and 10,130 sq ft floor plate] to be built on a small site, where city guidlines don't allow for it

- Bottom line is HUGE PROFITS for Brenhill

PS - if you think this is about social housing, think again.  The City's own data projects that it will meet 100% of it's quota of social housing in the next 24 months.  But only 20% of it's park quota.  

PPS - The General Manager Brian Jackson recommended this rezoning WITHOUT THE USUAL URBAN DESIGN ANALYSIS [which if done, would stop this rezoning in it's tracks]

Only YOU can stop the City from selling off land that could be used to complete Emery Barnes Park

Letter to
Mayor and Council - City of Vancouver Gregor Robertson
I oppose the rezoning of 508 Helmcken. This is a SMALL SITE that City guidelines for consideration of taller structures and higher density do not apply to. Keep Vancouver the world's greenest and most livable city by sending this outrageous proposal back to the drawing board on July 23