Improve the safety and security of exterior grounds for City Hall Child Care Society

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Over the past few years, City Hall Child Care Society (the “Society”) has been working with the City of Vancouver (the “City”) to improve the safety and security of our daycare space and outdoor grounds.

A high-priority focus has been the exterior fence surrounding the daycare outdoor grounds which poses a safety risk. Although it meets current licensing standards for a building of its age, the height of the fence is not sufficient to eliminate the possibility of someone accessing a child over the top of the fence. The low height of the fence has also made our playground area tempting for individuals seeking shelter during the night. In particular, we have found homeless individuals sleeping in the covered area over the sandbox and the infant program’s yard as these areas offer protection from the weather and space for shelter hidden from public view.

This is a safety and security issue for the children as well as the staff. We are also concerned about the possibility of drug paraphernalia or other items being left behind by individuals. The exterior grounds undergo safety checks by daycare staff, but there is always the possibility that something could be missed or hidden and found later by a child.

We are asking the City to provide a new exterior fence that is higher in order to prevent unauthorized access to our grounds. In addition, we are asking the City to upgrade the gates with a key punch entry feature to further enhance the security of the daycare’s exterior grounds and to ensure that only those authorized to have such access can enter.

The safety and security of everyone at City Hall Child Care is a top priority. A new exterior fence with upgraded security features on the gates will positively affect our ability to provide the safe and secure environment that the children and staff deserve.