Build light rail along Broadway

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Building light rail along Broadway is quicker and cheaper than building a Subway under Broadway. Reserving a lane of traffic for a train will do a better job of reducing congestion than a subway; which allocates the entire road to automobiles. In addition, building light rail means the city does not have to knock down any old buildings and displace residents to build subway stations. A subway to UBC will take decades to build while a tram would take just a few years.

More pedestrians will use a train that stops by a sidewalk than one that runs underground. It is more accessible, especially for the elderly and people with disabilities, and provides for a much nicer commute. The (slightly) slower speed ensures more stops and higher usage. Development is thus more spread out instead of being concentrated around a very few subway stops. Local businesses will benefit from a train that allows them to observe the many shops and scenery along Broadway.