Fix the dangerous crosswalks at Henry Hudson Elementary School

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On June 22, my husband was hit by a car while walking on the sidewalk to pick up my daughter at school. A speeding driver swerved and lost control - the car launched over the sidewalk and into the building behind where my husband was standing. He was rushed to the hospital and found to have a concussion, a fractured spine, whiplash, and multiple cuts and bruises. Given the speeds involved, it could have been much, much worse.

This happened across the street from our school and preschool. While my husband survived the accident, it is unlikely a child would have. This stretch of road outside our school has 2 lanes of speeding traffic in each direction. There is no school zone signage or speed limit. There is no lane of parked cars to provide a buffer to the sidewalk in front of the school or in the block where my husband was crossing. The block where my husband was hit actually juts out suddenly into the space where cars were parked on the previous block. It has a narrow sidewalk without even a strip of grass to act as buffer. Tourists get off the bus here to access the shops and the beach. Children cross here to get to school or head to field trips. Cyclists continue along here toward the beach after the bike lane ends at Cypress Street.

These are crowded, busy intersections. This stretch of road has a similar number of crashes and pedestrians hit as the same stretch on 4th Avenue and Broadway. It has even tragically seen a child killed in this crosswalk. But it has none of the safety features that those other streets have. And it's right in front of a school.

Please join me in asking the city of Vancouver to fix this school crossing and the entire block our school faces, before someone else is killed or injured.

Below are some suggestions, but the important thing is getting attention on this area and getting city engineers to make a plan to fix this.

  • School zone speed limit from Laburnum Street to Burrard on Cornwall Avenue
  • Speed bumps and a raised crosswalk at each of crosswalks to the school (Maple and Cornwall, Cypress and Cornwall, Cypress and York)
  • Close the crossing on the west side of Maple and put up barriers to keep cars from entering the sidewalk
  • Force the crosswalks across Maple to be inset further away from traffic on Cornwall
  • Either a full traffic light at Maple or a longer crossing time on the pedestrian controlled light
  • Reduce Cornwall to one lane in each direction and add curbside parking (a bonus for beach visitors) and/or extend the protected bike lane down Cornwall all the way to the beach