Eliminate single-use plastics in Vancouver

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According to the government of Canada, less than 10% of all single-use plastics are properly recycled. Where do these containers end up? As litter, in our rivers and oceans, or in the stomachs of animals.

Single-use plastics can take 600 years to degrade. Governments all over the world are taking steps to reduce or eliminate their use within their jurisdiction. The government of Canada is even proposing to ban single-use plastics in Canada by 2021.

Vancouver considers itself to be a leading city in the Green Revolution, but we are already behind the times. Over a dozen countries and cities have taken steps to ban the use of single-use plastics and plastic bags in their jurisdictions.

We call on the City of Vancouver to eliminate the use of all single-use plastics in Vancouver. This is just the first step in making Vancouver once again a leader in environmental protection.

Sign this petition and make a stand: Vancouver needs to be a world leader in sustainability and eliminate unsustainable single-use plastics from restaurant takeout.

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