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Ban The Bag - Vancouver!

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It is estimated that Canadians use 2.86 billion plastic bags every year. The average Canadian uses between 200-300 bags per year. If tied together the grand total of 2.86 billion plastic bags would stretch around the Earth’s equator 22 times.

Governments all over the world have taken action to ban single-use retail bags. If Vancouver considers itself a green city, this should be a common sense first step. Many west coast cities including Seattle and Los Angeles have implemented a type of ban (or taxation), and we should naturally be the next to follow suit. Using single-use plastic bags is largely a recent phenomenon, as we know our parents' generation did not have these available to them at retailers and groceries years ago. 

I will take my petition to the Vancouver City Council (specifically Councillor Adriane Carr, who co-founded the BC Green Party and has been an advocate for the environment) to show that Vancouverites do care about taking these small steps to protect our beautiful city. I am not a policy-maker, nor do I know the ins-and-outs of how to go about implementing this ban, but I will leave that to the experts. I will simply try and draw attention to a problem, which is my responsibility as a citizen. 

Thank you for your support, and please do not hesitate to write to the Vancouver City Council about issues you care about! 

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