Support Dog-Friendly Access to Mountain View Cemetery

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It has been suggested that the City of Vancouver Park Board may be considering banning access for dogs to the Mountain View Cemetery.  

Mountain View Cemetery is a public park, owned and operated by the City of Vancouver.  It is a vital public space that should be accessible and enjoyable for all residents and visitors to our city.

Dog owners represent a significant portion of the population that frequents this park on a daily basis.  The vast majority of dog owners who use this space are respectful that the park is a cemetery, and they are responsible in managing their dogs and collecting their dog waste.  It's inappropriate to ban dog access to the cemetery because of the actions of a few irresponsible dog owners who refuse to respect their surroundings and the environment.  In fact, most dog owners who use this park are inclined to pick up extraneous dog waste and encourage others to be courteous and appropriate in the management of their dogs.

Also, the presence of dogs and their owners during the early morning, daytime and evening hours is a SIGNIFICANT DETERRENT TO DRUG DEALING, an issue which has plagued Mountain View Cemetery and the communities which surround it.   

This petition is an initiative to encourage the City of Vancouver Park Board and City of Vancouver City Council to recognize the value that Mountain View Cemetery represents to dog owners in the community, and the value that dog owners represent to the Cemetery. 

Please support efforts to keep Mountain View Cemetery accessible and enjoyable for dogs and their families.