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Arrest, charge, prosecute, sentence, and imprison infant and child sexual molester B.G. of J.P. vs. Province of BC (MCFD) /B.G. Supreme Court o/BC Ruling :

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B.G is a 43 year-old, BCSC found-guilty pedophile /situational molester who was found by the Supreme Court of BC to have committed the ongoing and severe sexual abuse /assault of 4 infant children over many (9) years. It is possible that these were not his first offenses of this type, in fact he was perpetrator in rape allegations as early as teenager. There is plenty of evidence, well beyond that of a reasonable doubt, for a successful prosecution of this dangerous man, not only for these very serious crimes, but also for assault, criminal harassment, public mischief, etc. BG is a danger to the family he violated and a danger to every other women, infant, and child in the community and society. He also owns or owned firearms which have never been confiscated. He is found to have committed crime of sexual abuse of children. The law states minimum 4 year prison sentence for 4 counts. B.G. needs to be prosecuted, and sentenced to imprisonment where he can receive appropriate punishment, and necessary corrections for his criminal actions, the violation and sexual abuse of 4 children, and so that the family he violated and every other woman, infant, and child in our communities and society can finally be safe from this child sexual predator. This is a man that didn't stop and was found guilty of continuing to sexually abuse the youngest child even while being tried in court for the sexual abuse, he kept doing it, yet has not been criminally charged yet. Who will arrest and prosecute this man, who continues to be a danger in our communities and society, for his serious crimes? Please sign this petition Thank you

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