Ban Styrofoam / Polystyrene Containers in Vancouver

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More commonly referred to as Styrofoam which refers to a specific type of puffed plastic, Polystyrene (PS) is harmful to the environment with increasing evidence of its potential negative impacts on human health.

Aside from the obvious issue of PS containers pilling up in landfills, according to Green Dining Alliance, PS containers are an issue because of its toxicity. IT is harmful to the environment because it breaks down into microscopic styrenes, a known hazardous substance, which can leech into and stay in our land and water systems.  Moreover, Styrene can leach into food packaged with PS plastics and then be consumed by humans.

Due to its harmful impact on environment and human health, some cities such as Portland, New York City, San Francisco have banned the use of single-use PS containers in restaurants and grocery stores. This petition proposes that Vancouver follow in the great examples of these cities and create an ordinance banning the use of PS containers by businesses.

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