Valve taps with the new update, the old players who bought the game CS: Go!

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I celebrate the new update with the battle royal mode. the only thing I do not understand is why Valve is making the game free now, and the players who bought the game just do not pay the money back, or what gives back what has the same value of what the game cost (that was 20) €).

either the ones that can play for free can only play the Battle Royal mode or the game will be reset to € 20. Or simply Valve pays the players who bought the game back with just 20 €

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I do not like this game it's fun, but all the people who earned skins with effort and sweat (or who just bought skins) now have to suffer. Even I have to suffer, my Knife was on 06.12.18 still worth € 59 now after the update on 07.12.18 it has gone down to 39 € (20 € loss) now you would say my good howl but not around. but I'll tell you all the skins will go down to the lowest price and that's under $ 1. That's why I am doing this petition, and I hope you are the same and sign this petition. because this is then passed on to Valve & Steam.