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Stop the cheaters, improve VAC, Instant bans

Everyone has been in an online multiplayer game with cheaters in it (Aimbot, Wallhack etc) that ruin the game for everyone. Games like the Modern Warfare series and Counter Strike series suffer from these people hacking the code and creating these cheats to gain the upper advantage of other legit players. More recently, I have noticed more and more cheaters coming in-game (Modern Warfare 3 online) and just blatantly cheating, not caring about people reporting them and laughing at everyone, as you'll probably agree it's very annoying.

These cheaters are eventually banned (Apparently) but within the time of their first cheat and the time they are banned they have already led other people into believing they won't be banned for it, therefore creating more cheaters. It takes way to long for the VAC system to ban people after detecting the cheat on their computer memory.

A small group of people that created the "AlterIWnet" system created an anti-cheat that banned you INSTANTLY on launch of your game It detected illegal game changes before launching by scanning your system memory where the cheat is stored while ingame, just like any other program running on your PC.

Why can't Valve do this with VAC?? I would love to know, wouldn't you? and wouldn't implementing this stop cheaters instantly? therefore, people wouldn't dare cheat (Unless they were just stupid) because that would just be a waste of the games cost in money...

Lets see what we can do about this shall we, WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS!!


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