Stop hate speech in DOTA2

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     Most modern online multiplayer games have a function to specifically report players who use hate speech while playing. DOTA however lacks this feature, only using a catch-all chat report category. Players should be able to be targeted for using epithets against other demographics, as they take away from the ability to enjoy the game for many people. 

    Valve takes a very hands-off approach when it comes to policing the community, and largely leave it up to the community itself - so why not provide a new report category specifically for targeting hateful players? Recently they added a feature to be able to avoid abusive players, but it was only available to people who purchased their $10 seasonal expansion to the game. They're advertising a "Summer Scrub" patch to try and add more quality of life features to the game, so it seems like the perfect time to put something like this in. 

    I will say that I'm not seeking to entirely abolish the toxic atmosphere - that's impossible. But I'd love to not have to see people spewing demographic-based epithets at each other - keep the insults to someone's performance in the game.