Reevaluate decision regarding "hyper hardcore" on Steam

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As being highly customer orientiered company, ZEOKKU has been tasked by our beloved players, showing record-breaking activity, with a mission to bring hyper hardcore back on Steam.

With all respect we invite Valve to read through our statements and explain why their decision is considered to be unfair, rushed and anti-consumer.

First, we want you to look at how much love and work we put into the game during its short life:

Currently the game is banned as well as ZEOKKU entirely from Steam. The official reason is a quote:
"We have recently been investigating suspicious activity related to your accounts and games on Steam. Aside from the fraudulent items your game was being used for, it is also clear that your account is related to a previously banned account. Because of this, we have banned your [..] Steamworks account and its titles. Your submission leads us to believe that we do not want to have an ongoing business relationship with you."

First, we will break-down each point and provide own arguments, then we will prove that hyper hardcore is an excellent game and it deserves to be sold on Steam.
We kindly want Valve to review them and reevaluate the hyper hardcore status.

1) "suspicious activity related to your accounts and games on Steam"

Valve didn't provide exact case, but we tend to believe they refer to the last "Bitcoin situation" (due to the fact the game was banned right after it), which has indeed involved one of our developers as well as several investors and moderators.
First of all, "the bitcoins" and "the situation" are NOT ASSOCIATED IN ANY WAY with hyper hardcore, ZEOKKU and game's Steamworks management.
At second the situation is still controversal, due to the fact that what essentially happened is people simply got "the bitcoins" and sold them on market, and buyers potentially pumped the price.

ZEOKKU is reliable and has a strict policy regarding hyper hardcore management. We always consulted with Valve via Steam Support regarding risky ideas NOT TO LET ANY VIOLATIONS. This can be simply proved by looking at Steam Support tickets for our management account

Fun fact for our players: originally Ban Hammer should have been issuing a real game ban for the victim player, but after consultation with Valve we had to refuse this idea.

And again, ZEOKKU and hyper hardcore have NOTHING to do with "bitcoin situation".

2) "fraudulent items your game was being used for"

With all respect to Valve, but this is a complete nonsense!

At first, item's content (images, names, descriptions) fully belong to ZEOKKU. It is entirely ORIGINAL CONTENT produced by/for ZEOKKU exclusively.

At second, each and every item has a PURPOSE, MEANING, DIRECT USAGE and INVOLVEMENT in the game and during the story mode (characters and floppies). Most of the items are used for players interaction (leaderboard skins, banhammers, backgrounds and etc.) and in multiplayer mode (backgrounds).

At third, the items are obtained for completing in-game missions, simply playing or via Employee Profile (events, exclusive promotions).

If items look nice, it doesn't mean they are fraudulent.

Please refer to the following game announcements to get more details regarding the invetory system:

3) "it is also clear that your account is related to a previously banned account"

With all respect to Valve. Of course it is clear, because we told you about it back in January 2020!

We were always CRYSTAL CLEAR with Valve and the first thing we did after registering the Steamworks account was messaging them via Steam Support and telling the situation. And be ensured that everything is ok with it.

The link to the support ticket:


Why hyper hardcore deserves to be sold on Steam and why Valve should reinstate business relationships with ZEOKKU.

ZEOKKU has always been reliable (check support tickets), showing exceptional respect towards Valve and our customers.
Constant cooperation with the community and providing greatest technical support; just check how many patches released and how many bugs fixed

The game before release had been 2 years in development! It's got a solid story, that takes place in completely unique and original universe with own lore.
Smooth gameplay and user experience orientiered on competitive players. The game was made in cooperation with a lot of talented people, starting from music composing, 3D modelling, ending with characters design and artworks.

The game has a very deep integration with Steamworks, here are features implemented:

  • Multiplayer
  • Cloud Saves
  • Rich presence
  • Inventory
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards

Full workshop support was coming either!

The game has a custom ANTICHEAT and SECURED leaderboards and achievements to provide competitive players with the best gaming experience!

Also we has an Employee Profile web page where players could check their stats and REDEEM PROMO CODES!

During the short life we have released 2 MAJOR UPDATES! Which were highly appreciated by our customers. 50+ likes for our multiplayer update is a lot!
As well as small events and interactions.

And that's not all! We had so many plans and ideas, as well as releasing major update 1.3 and constantly making mini-events!

With all of that being said, we ask Valve to review this petition and reevaluate the status of hyper hardcore and ZEOKKU, hopefully returning the game back and lifting management account bans.

Thank you <3