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"Conditional Unban" for peruvian players

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We the fans of the banned Peruvian players VanN, Smash, Mistico, Iwo and Ztok; know that Valve wants to give an exemplary punishment to match-fixing players, but we also believe that there must be a way out of the permanent ban. An optional way would be to apply the "conditional unban" wich consists of players can play at official Valve events but with a percentage of their winnings discounted by Valve and managed at their convenience. In this way, in the future players who are tempted to commit match-fixing know that a drastic sanction awaits them.
Those players have many fans around Peru and all over South America. Who once cheered for them on tournaments and now after more than a year we are still publishing videos, petitions and making posts on Reddit trying to make our voice be heard. All people make mistakes, and particularly the pioneers of e-sports in South America, and we understand that starvation, lack of economic support and pressure from their managers in the past were enough to push newbies to make a mistake. We hope that Valve will listen to the South American community and consider giving them a second chance with the "unban conditional" or any other possible way.

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