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Valve Corporation, Team Fortress 2 Development Team: Ban from quickplay permanently for their gross misuse of the quickplay system and bypass of anti-ad features in Team Fortress 2

The Team Fortress 2 quickplay system has recently been flooded with a ridiculous amount of servers by and in an attempt to take advantage of the quickplay system, enabling pay-to-win systems and hacking clients to re-enable their MOTDs in a cheap attempt to gather money from ads. These servers are cancer to the community and destroy the gameplay value of the game with MOTD ads popping up during matches. Their redirection of traffic is harming smaller communities who used to thrive from the quickplay system and have had to shut down their servers in response.

We, the community of Team Fortress 2 ask humbly that these 2 communities and any that come after it be permanently banned from the quickplay system for the use of disgusting tactics in profitting from a free to play game.

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  • Valve Corporation
  • Team Fortress 2 Development Team

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