Steam: Remove political propaganda game 'Bolsomito 2K18' by 'BS Studios'

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Steam may not have any involvement in whether the game is uploaded or not, but they have approved it and left it sitting in their site for days now. This is not just 'Brazil's Trump', this man is corrupt; members of his party have been reported mocking the death of Marielle Franco, and then making threats regarding which 'left-winger would be next?'

Yes, it's a game - but in the context of REAL LIFE, these things are important. This is not just 'a game', it is political propaganda that ignores the reality of the social situation in Brazil.

It is disguised under 'satire' and 'parody' but incites hate towards the marginalised, disadvantaged, and discriminated against groups of Brazil. By allowing this video game to be disseminated via Steam, they are passively showing their support in spreading these messages to the public.