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Separate STEAM price regions in the EU by average net wage

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Steam considers a country's economy and discounts games according to it to encourage people buying games, and to drive back pirating, and buying games from cheap key selling websites, out of Steam.

European Steam prices are too high for half of the states in the European Union, especially the eastern part and the baltic states, becouse of the average net wages in these regions. Source:

Games are priced at 50-60 euro, but average salary is about 300-600 euro per month in these regions, which is incomparable to the richer western countries.

Net wages in eastern and baltic countries:

Hungary: 660 euro

Poland: 762 euro

Romania: 515 euro

Lithuania: 644 euro

Lativa: 703 euro

Net wages in  western countries:

Germany: 2300 euro

Austria: 2000 euro

France: 2150 euro

Netherlands: 2250 euro

The difference is 3 to 1 between in these regions in the meaning of net wages.

For comparison the net wage in Russia is around 510 euro, which is not as far away from Romania’s 515 euro, or the avg net wage in Hungary, which is 660 euro as far as Germany’s 2300 or Austria’s 2000 euro net.

We ask Gabe, and the Valve Corporation to review their price policy according to the average salaries in these regions. We all live in the European Union, but we live on different levels.

Your approach towards Russia, India, and other countries was a great step forward. European gamers waiting for this change, waiting for you, to make games affordable for us, so please make this step too!

Thank you, 
The eastern and baltic gamers of europe.

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