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Save Valve from Destroying their Own Games

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     As of the writing of this petition, Valve has started to neglect two of their largest 3 games (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2) and has released lack-luster, unfinished updates and or left hackers to run rampant in their public server, or just have unexplained server outages. These issues mainly come from Valve's work ethics, stating that developers can work on whatever project they want to at their discretion which, for many reasons, is starting to hurt their games (other than DotA 2 and their VR work).

     We the people of r/tf2 (and its affiliated subreddits), r/globaloffensive (and its affiliated subreddits), r/DotA2 (and its affiliated subreddits), r/steam, and r/valve demand for Valve to do one of these three things,

1. Figure out a way to entice developers to work on games other than DotA 2 or VR (note, we do not want Valve to strip either of these of all of their developers, we simply want either an equal share or at least more than their are now (for example, TF2 currently reportedly has a team of 5 or less)).

2. Transition development of games to a 3rd party company so that those companies actually develop the games and profit is still made on Valve's part.

3. Force all teams for multiplayer games to increase communication with the playerbase of each game and actually take feedback into account (see the Meet your Match update for TF2 and the anger it caused).


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