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Provide an opt-out for Section 12 of the new Steam Subscriber Agreement

The updated Steam Subscriber Agreement ( ), as of July 31, 2012, includes a new clause that requires Steam users to waive their right to participate in class-action lawsuits against Steam/Valve, as well as agree to settle all disputes via arbitration.

We as consumers should not have to give up our fundamental legal rights in order to play games, especially those games which we have already purchased prior to the institution of this new clause.

In September 2011, Sony implemented a similar clause in the PSN Terms of Service. However, unlike Valve, Sony saw fit to provide an opt-out for this clause if a user provided written notification to the SNEI legal department.

Steam users should be provided the same opportunity. Do not give up your legal rights.

If you are comfortable doing so, please post your Steam username in the signature comments so that Valve knows its consumers care. 

Letter to
Valve Corporation
I am a Steam subscriber and a fan of Valve. I respect and value the services your company provides me. However, the recent change to the Steam Subscriber Agreement under Section 12 deeply concerns me. I do not wish to give up my legal rights in order to continue playing games via Steam. I also do not wish to discontinue use of Steam, as it represents a significant financial and emotional investment to me. Therefore, I implore you to offer an opt-out provision for Section 12 of the Subscriber Agreement, whereby I may agree to the remainder of the Subscriber Agreement, but retain my right to participate in a class action suit, and settle disputes outside of arbitration.

A precedent was set with this in 2011 when Sony implemented a similar clause in their Playstation Network Terms of Service, and gave users the right to opt-out of it via written communication to the SNEI legal department.

I love Steam and Valve, but without this provision, I may be forced to reconsider any future financial dealings with them.

Thank you


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