#Give role-playing selection for ranked gamein dota 2 - #дайте ролевой поиск в доте 2

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Please, make role-playing selection for ranked game serching. I' m speaking from the whole comunity of DOTA 2 players. I've been playing this game since BETA testing. This is a good game, and it has been developing till the nowdays. We have a ranked match making, but it is absolutely awful and it must be changed. The whole community have been speaking about changes that I will write below for the recent few years. However, VALVE just don't hear our voice or just can't understand what's going on. And now when it seemed you was able to hear us and changed the system and we have tested it, we are so disappointed because of your disrespect. Because you have not changed anything. Also, your changes are good for a sell-buy accounts buisness. This situation has a bad effect on the game and on the ranked match meking system.
You can see necessary changes below:
1) Remove the existing ranking in the pictures, they are absolutely useless.
2) remove the separation into individual stars and to a Team that has a bad influence on the System of selection and the game. A game in which the most important factor in a team's game is in the priority of individual selection. This is a disgrace!
3)А long time ago dogma in dote2 has established very well, and it says that there are 5 roles, 5 positions in the game, which require very different actions and knowledge. As corny everyone wants to play certain roles, but because of the absence of such a system, he has to argue with his allies, and to win back his role, and if he does not succeed, he goes to play another role which he can't play or plays very poorly, which is not reflected by his number of rating selection. Then it turns out that this person will be the weak link which will lose the game of all 5 players, and then also will receive undeserved complaints. But we will talk about them later.
4)As we will have role-playing the search – then it is needed to make a single number for every role, which reflects our level of playing; it is the number, which we can find in the statistics profile of the player. To sum up, we have 5 roles and 5 different numbers.
5) Now when person can choose which roles he's going to play, after accepting the game there should be fixed information, showing what role in this game the person will play, which will be visible to others. It will make the game process less aggressive and more friendly, which generally will have a positive impact on the community of the game.
6) Also it is needed to focus players on the fact, that Dota2 is the most team game and it should be played in the team selection. So in addotion to those 5 numbers, showing different roles, is also needed to add one more important number, which will be the average one among those 5 numbers and will embody the real level of understanding the Dota2 game and its capabilities. And the command rating selection will be made according to this number . Therefore, the command selection will give much more points, and it will be a great motivation to be real team players and to be more friendly, but not selfish assholes.
7)the System of praise-complaints is also outdated and does not help the players.
- Complaint against excessive use of chat and unacceptable behaviour is worthwhile in any case, no complaints;
- The other 2 should be remove and replace 2 of the following:
a) avoidance of the game in the Team(afk, buying an amulet, the messenger of the Feed).
B) the non-compliance with the rules of the elite, those cases, in which the player refused to play the role according to the System he had the game.
- In all these cases, not a Person, and games with low-priority send, because the modern System game due to the lack of role-selection that leads people, things that lead to the defeat, for which you receive the complaints first to the wrong, after which you will begin to behave itself inappropriately because they're excited( here you can describe a lot of situations like that happens and why, but the essence remains the same – the System of complaints is terrible) , so it is better a
penalty issue at the time of the search rankings game.
- also something similar recommend patrols lead to, like in ks., because only experienced people can figure out who is right and who is not. It is also necessary in DOTA
To sum up, it should be noted that every person, signing this petition, reports that he loves the Dota 2 game and doesn't want it to die. But the current situation does not allow the players to enjoy the full measure and gives no motivation to the game.
I hope, we will get a response. Dota 2 is the boat, the players are passengers and you are the staff of the ship. Our ship is sinking, but it depends on you whether it leaves or not!