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Deliver that which you always promised, hinted and teased: RICOCHET 2

Everyday tens or dozens of people try to play your most famous game Ricochet - but, sadly, they are disappointed because there are no servers and no ongoing support from you, the developer.

This has to change!

Introduce the phenomenon that was Ricochet for a new generation! Lure the masses with buzzwords, hats and live TV coverage! Develop RICOCHET 2!

The greatest ideas were ridiculed in their time, but should time catch up, ideas explode - and so will RICOCHET 2!

We, the fans that sign this petition, will be happy to support you morally and ?beerally? in the cause to change the online-multiplayer-first-person-e-sport-ultra-disc-shooting gaming world forever!

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  • Valve Corporation

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