Bring Back The Old Steam Library

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Dear Valve,

The Steam subreddit, Steam Discussions and other forums have spoken and a large majority of us agree that we should be given the option to revert back to the previous library interface if we'd like to. 

The previous interface's design was much more simplistic, which alot of people prefer. It has been with us for so many years and has become so iconic. Of course, we appreciate Valve's updates but we feel left in the dark when it comes to our feedback on them. 

Aside from the design of it, many people are stating that the update is making their computers slower and is using up excessive internet bandwidth, even with the low performance settings enabled.

This is not an attack on the designers or anybody else at Valve, this is just the community voicing our opinion. The old library is so iconic to Steam and we'd hate to see it disappear completely, it is a piece of Steam history. We ask you to please take this into serious consideration as many people are unhappy.


- The Steam community