Assign Romania to its own pricing region with its own currency

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Assign Romania to its own pricing region with its own currency

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Gavril D started this petition to Valve Corporation Valve Corporation and

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I decided to close this petition at some point, i am confused about the amount of negativity i received for trying to change something, and most of the negativity came from my own countrymen. 

Furthermore, i still want to see this happening, but please, try to mail Valve yourself, if every single supporter of this petition would send an E-Mail, we would most likely gain their attention.

Steam has been unfair for too long in the digital world, unfortunately.

Recently, Norway got its own region as they do not use euro as their currency, we don't do either.

Our currency is not euros, it's Romanian Lei (RON).

Steam also has has been unfair with the pricing, they never cared about the economy of a certain country, why is that?

In Europe, a newly released AAA title costs around 50-60€, in Russia and CIS-countries it will cost around 15-20€.

The source of piracy is the high prices Steam is asking us to pay.

I can give you a small example, let's take Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt (it's the same situation for pretty much all games), this is the price for it in some of the regions:

In Romania, 224 lei.

In USA, the equivallent of 210 lei (Because it is on sale, the normal price is 269 lei).

In Brazil, the equivallent of 141 lei.

In Turkey, the equivallent of 134 lei.

In Indonesia, the equivallent of 149 lei.

In Russia, the equivallent of 49 lei.

How is it fair? It is not! 

Our average monthly wage is about 250 euros (around 1100 lei) per month.

And you can check this list. For example, citizens of US earn around 15.000$ per year, while in Romania, we earn around 3372$ per year (In reality that's not average, that's more like a happier case).

In Turkey, which has its own region and currency (including lower prices), the average is 7560$ per year (much more than us).

Valve needs to understand we cannot afford to pay such amounts of money for games, and if they want to keep the Romanian community alive, they need to fix this problem.

We, the Romanian Steam Community are asking to remove us from the European Region as we don't use euros, and we are asking Steam to lower their prices as it is not fair for everyone.


Facts that Valve should consider:

Romania is the 3rd buyer of Video Games from Eastern Europe (and 39th in the whole world)

Also, the buying power they could have here:

Norway's population was 5,096,300 people in October 2013


According to the 2011 census, Romania's population is 20,121,641 (1,883,425 only in the capital, Bucharest).

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This petition had 19,822 supporters