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Add Halloween Restriction Removal tool in TF2

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Dear Valve Development team,
There are lots of great items in TF2, which are, sadly, can only be seen at Halloween or Full Moon.
Some of them would look outrageously cool, when combined with normal items.
Like Fallen Angel + Brimstone, Or Etherial Hood + Dark Age Defender, for example.
We know, asking you guys to remove said restriction would be foolish, so instead
we offer you a very profitable deal:
To realease a tool in Mann Co. Store, which would allow customers to remove the Halloween Restriction from the Cosmetics. You can trust me, almost everyone in TF2 community would buy this for almost any price. You can even make this untradeable to make even more money out of it, if you wish.

By releasing Restriction Remover Tool, you both will make us, your customers, even more happier than before, and get some major monetary profit at the same time. Thanking you in advance,
                                                  your customers, The TF2 community.

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