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Provide Vallejo Schools with Safety, Order, and An Equal Opportunity of Education

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To: Dr. Ramona Bishop, The Vallejo City Unified School District (VCUSD), and the VCUSD Board

The 2016 WASC review of Vallejo High School left much to be desired, and whereas the superintendent unfairly deflected responsibility to Vallejo High School's faculty and staff, we, the undersigned students and parents in the VCUSD, therefor demand the following improvements be made to our education environment.

To ensure that student's curricular needs are met, we insist either that Dr. Ramona Bishop be relieved of her duties as superintendent or be placed under the control of the governing board by resolution in writing to hold her accountable for her actions regarding district policy and in her treatment of students and educational professionals.

Dr. Bishop, under the board's diligent supervision, must do more to promote an equal opportunity of education, safety, order, and structure at all of the schools in Vallejo. We want her to create a committee of students, parents, and certified and clerical staff to advise her on safety needs. We also want her to create a room in our budget for more campus supervisors at both, Vallejo High School and Jesse Bethel High School.

We also insist on equality of educational opportunities for students of all ethnic groups. Most importantly, we insist that the superintendent honor free speech of both students and staff. Up until this point, both groups have feared retribution for the expression of ideas that might run counter to the agenda of the superintendent. It's her lack of leadership over the last few years that has landed us in our current mess. We will work together to solves the problems taking place at Vallejo schools, but only when Dr. Bishop concedes that the effort needs to be led by those of us who actually call Vallejo schools our homes.

 "Education is not a luxury, it's a human right." --Shakira


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