Make our Tower Bridge meeting room great again

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Valiantys employees, get concerned about our petition.

In Paris, our nightmare is to have a meeting in the Tower Bridge meeting Room. Even if you are from an other business unit, you travel to our Paris office, and you will have to make calls or meetings in this room. Indeed, we only have two meetings rooms. This almost 9 squaremeters room has an unlucky position in our appartements, the window is not bringing enough light and the lighting is bad. Let's propose a new environment to make our people love our Tower Bridge meeting room. 

We believe this change will have a positive impact in multiple ways and will benefit the whole Valiantys employees as well as Valiantys clients and prospects. 

Having a decent room will make Valiantys employees happier. We all know that poor working conditions can have a negative impact on performance. Today, this room is badly arranged, it rather looks like a storage room. In addition, the room is not soundproofed and it is very dark. 

In Paris Office, we used to welcome customers, prospects and also, candidates when we organize trainings, webinars and interviews. We think that this room reflects badly on company image.

Please help us in making our Tower Bridge meeting room great again!