Bring back public shaming

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I think public shaming should be brought back for minor crimes committed by unruly teenagers and similar.

It's an idea I've had rolling around my head for a while now. But a recent story pushed the idea to the forefront of my mind, and that story was this one about four teenagers who covered a disabled woman with eggs and flour, then posed and took pictures with their scared victim and posted it online.

It's crimes like this thst I feel are perfect for public shaming. If there is one thing teenagers detest it's being shamed. So what better way to fight and deter them from similar crimes than making other people laugh at them in the same way they laugh at their victims.

Bring back the stocks and pillories, allow people to throw rotten fruit and veg, film the whole thing and post it all over social media to embarrass the offenders. It would be a big smash on the internet and any profits made could be poured back into places thst need it such as education and the NHS.

If we can get enough signatures and interest then maybe the government will take notice?