Water Justice: Make Water Decisions FOR Kona IN Kona

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Calling on all our community members to help us relocate this crucial meeting!

The Department of Water Supply (DWS) is asking the Hawai’i County Council to approve their Keauhou Aquifer Water Use and Development Plan (WUDP). This plan is scheduled to be heard September 6th in Hilo before the Committees on Environmental Management and Agriculture, Water and Energy Sustainability. Kona communities are strategically being silenced by DWS to have their voices heard on this crucial matter by holding this meeting in Hilo.

The plan they want approved as significant problems:

1) DWS knows water from the Kahalu’u shaft has nearly twice the legal standard for chlorides (salt). But their plan to address long term problems of the Kahalu`u shaft getting salty is by pumping from deep wells in the high level aquifer. Our current five failed wells and water restrictions show they are not able to reliably pump from the high level aquifer.
2) The plan has no meaningful water conservation measures.
3) In the plan, Native Hawaiian traditional and customary practitioners are forced communicate sensitive knowledge to the Aha Moku Council. This council has no legal authority to protect our State of Hawai’i Constitutional Rights – and has recently ceased to exist.
4) Decisions about where new wells will go and how much they pump will continue to be made by bureaucrats with no public input.
5) Pumping impacts to fragile, threatened and sensitive ecosystems and species have not been addressed and will continue to be ignored.

We are asking that community members call council members and demand that meetings and final decisions regarding the WUDP be made in Kona. Before these plans are approved we demand that the DWS reexamine abilities and knowledge regarding pumping from the high level aquifers and that the WUDP:

1) Create a process for Native Hawaiian traditional and customary practitioners to work directly with the Commission of Water Resource Management;
2) Create a process for community members to have their voices heard through public hearings regarding well permits, installation, maintenance and pumpage; and
3) Assess pumping impacts to fragile, threatened and sensitive ecosystems and species.

Contact your council member today and urge them to make county water decisions FOR Kona IN Kona.

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